Thursday, February 9, 2012

Come See What Is New At AFK!

Affordable Flooring & Kitchens has made big changes! AFK has recently added many new things in the Showroom, such as a Custom Closet line, two new Cabinetry lines, several designer Tile & Wood lines and much much more.
But that is not all, we are in the process of installing an Outdoor Kitchen display with amenities that will make you say WOW!
Come and visit our Showroom today and see all the new things AFK has to help you make your house, "YOUR DREAM HOME

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Affordable Flooring and Kitchens invites you to visit our showroom!

Flooring | Kitchen Cabinets | Bathroom Vanities | Countertops | Granite | Closets | Outdoor Kitchens

Choosing the right flooring for your new home can be difficult.  We carry engineered hardwoods, laminates, tile, natural stone, and marble.  We also carry carpeting priced to include installation and standard padding. Affordable Flooring and Kitchens will help you find the perfect solution for all your flooring needs.  AND, wait until you see our custom designed showroom floor!

Our showroom features kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity displays with soft door closures and other unique features you can test out.  Affordable Flooring and Kitchens is committed to help you choose from a variety of design elements and optional features to create your dream kitchen and bath.

Whether you prefer the look of Granite, Quartz, Corian, or Laminate, we have them all.  We all show you corner edging options and many color selections and levels to choose from.  You can expect our help from start to finish which includes slab selection, fabrication and installation; sink and faucet samples are available as well.

If a unique custom closet is what you want, we’ll be happy to share our design ideas and resources to see you get exactly what you want.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly more popular and everyone in S. Florida wants one. We have the experience in this area to create a warm, earthy, functional outdoor kitchen and living space your can enjoy!

Affordable Flooring and Kitchens is privately owned, licensed and insured.  We are trusted professionals providing a total service with quality products and skilled craftsmen to complete your remodeling or new construction project in a timely manner at prices you can afford.
Our showroom is open Monday through Friday 10am-5pm, and Saturday and Sunday by appointment during off season. If you wish to call in advance to schedule a time to visit, please feel free to do so, 239-431-5907.

Bring this letter for 10-20% off your next order, includes a free design consultation, on-site visit, and estimate.

(No obligation/Local Referrals Available)

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Homeowners Find a Solution

Affordable Flooring and Kitchens/Tile and Stone (AFK/ATS) are offering a full service to new homeowners.  Whether your needs include a simple bathroom upgrade or complete home renovation, AFK/ATS is available to help from start to finish. 

Our state of the art showroom includes a full kitchen display, shower design, bathroom vanities, granite, and several tile and hardwood samples to choose from. There are always professionals on-hand to walk you through.  On-site visits are also optional for measuring, planning, and budgeting. 

Visit our showroom today, mention this blog and get up to 20% off your next project.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ABOUT THE OWNER OF Affordable Flooring and Kitchens

Viorel Toader is the owner of Affordable Flooring and Kitchens, his background begins as business owner and operator of a high end furniture shop in Romania. He started his furniture business at 18 years old while attending college which he ran for over 4 years. During this time he developed his expertise in fabrication and installation which includes hand carving in solid wood using specialty chisels to build cabinets that he designed and conceptualized.

After his arrival to the USA in 2001, he became interested in flooring installation using his talent and artisan skills from his experience in wood carving detail which compliments and is visible in his new flooring concepts. Dedicated to mastering the art of flooring installation for over 10 years, he decided to use this combined creativity to establish Affordable Flooring and Kitchens (AKF) in Naples, Florida. 

AFK’s showroom is filled with handpicked selections by Mr. Toader that includes a large variety of ceramics, porcelains, mosaics, marble, tumble stone, natural stone, engineered wood, laminates, and carpet.  Applications include residential and commercial and he will share his experience to help you determine which materials work best for your situation.

He’s worked with high end designers such as Kira Krumm, Gary David Designs, and general contractors on multiple projects such as homes and condos in Pelican Bay, Quail West, Tiburon, Port Royale and many along Gulf Shore Boulevard, to name a few.

Viorel is available to meet with you directly to discuss your remodeling needs and happy to assist with custom design and material selections for your project.  Visit our showroom to see a sample of his flooring concept, design, and installation. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Demand for Quality Products Is a Constant Challenge

The demand for quality products at affordable pricing is a constant challenge but Affordable Flooring and Kitchens finds a way to support this trend.
Without ordering excessive inventory and Affordable Flooring and Kitchens in-house installation division, a lot of the overhead is reduced by not having to outsource, and only getting material in when ordered. This unique process helps with quality control as well, and the savings is passed along to their budget conscious market segment in ways that makes it affordable for them and allow for their dream home to come to life.

The showroom located in Naples, Florida, is gorgeous. Here you'll find many types of flooring options to choose from.  Affordable Flooring and Kitchens will find a way to work within your plan while offering quality without having to sacrifice appearance.  

Experts are always on hand to discuss flooring and design trends, material durability, care, and pricing.  This makes Affordable Flooring and Kitchens, a single source for any project large or small, residential or commercial.  

They also showcase high-end materials such as marble, polished porcelain, hardwoods, and bamboo which is becoming extremely popular because of it's resistance to moisture and durability.

Southwest Florida is known for it's glamour and beauty, Affordable Flooring and Kitchens employs skilled artisans that know exaclty how to work with fine materials to create luxurious and custom designs in flooring, kitchens, and bathrooms, in your home or your work place.

To compliment their Granite line, Affordable Flooring and Kitchens is building an entire kitchen in the showoom, which by the way has the most spectacular floor design.  The owner incorporated several materials to create a unique custom design to showcase his many product offerings and his craftmanship as an artisan in floor design and installation.

Their showroom is welcome to visitors 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.
Affordable Flooring and Kitchens is proud to service Southwest Florida's residential and commercial flooring and kitchen needs. Our high-end division offers customers unmatched quality and craftsmanship. We understand the uniqueness and individual needs of each client we serve. Our team of experienced craftsmen is committed to excellence and timely performance. We are proud of our organization, its excellent reputation, and its philosophy to provide full service and satisfaction to each and every customer.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Granite is beautiful in all it's splendor and is available in an amazing array of colorful and unique patterns. No two granite tops are exactly the same.

There are tremendous benefits of having granite as well;  below is why you'll love granite in your home!!

Granite is extremly durable, it's second in hardness to diamonds.  With normal use, nothing in the kitchen will chop, ding, or break granite.

Unlike "man made" synthetic countertops, granite can withstand a hot dish right from the oven or stove  which makes it a fabulous heat resistant surface for your kitchen.

By its nature, granite is extremely dense and excellent at repelling stains. As an extra precaution, every granite top is treated with a sealer to help eliminate the possibility of stains occurring.

The finish on granite is polished with diamonds and, with normal use, will never wear or fade as long as you own your home. Cutting on a granite top with kitchen cutlery will not scratch or damage it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my granite top?
We recommend a Revitalizer Cleaner and Protector. You may also clean your granite with soap and warm water. Do not use general purpose cleaners or products that contain lemon, vinegar, or other acids as these may etch the stone surface and damage the polish.

How often should I seal my granite top?
Approximately once a year depending on the color. It is very simple, just wipe on and wipe off. It takes about as long as regular cleaning.

Does granite stain?
For the most part granite does not stain. While it is true that stone is a porous material, of all the stones, granite is the least porous. However, certain substances, such as oil, may stain your granite. You may be able to remove the stain using a poultice.

How scratch resistant is granite?
With normal daily use, even cutting directly upon it, you will not dull the finish of your countertop. Unlike any other surface, granite will not dull.

Will my granite top chip or crack?
Most flaws in stone are detected during transit of the slab. If it can withstand the fabrication process, it will never break under normal conditions.

Why doesn't my granite look exactly like the sample?
The samples we have selected for our showroom are generally indicative of the coloring and pattern (also known as veining) of each stone. As the stone is quarried, differences in the stones shading and pattern will appear.

What is the difference between a undermount sink and a drop-in sink?
A drop-in sink sits on top of the cutout and adds no additional cost to your project. An undermount sink sits beneath the polished rim of the cutout. The benefit of this option is that it provides a smooth surface from counter to sink.

Where is my stone from?
Granite comes from all over the world: India, Brazil, and Italy, to name a few.

Monday, September 27, 2010

MAGIC FRESH Odor Reducing Carpet

Affordable Flooring and Kitchen OFFERING
Beaulieu of America Carpet with Magic Fresh (exclusiviely on carpets made by Beaulieu of America)

What is Magic Fresh?? 
- It neutralizes most common household odors such as pets, cooking and smoking odors
- It's a self-renewing, odor reducing formula that is effective for the life of the carpet
- It's completely safe
-NO other carpet has Magic's exclusive to carpets made by Beaulieu

-Enough Magic Fresh carpet has been purchased to circle the globe.
-72% of all U.S. households own a dog or a cat, WOW!!! That's over 77.4 million pets!!!!
-80% of adults believe most have a distinctive odor, some not so good!
-Women are born with a better sense of smell than men.
-Most people recall smells with 65% accuracy after one year.
-Clinically proven - Magic Fresh was tested using two most common odor complaints in the home - pet urine and cigarette smoke.  These charts illustrate the effective odor reduction at 30 minute intervals when comparing a carpet featuring Magic Fresh and a non-treated carpet.  After 90 minutes the measured improvement when using Magic Fresh was 80.8% for pet urine and 90.0% for cigarette smoke.  Testing Source: Testing Services, Inc.  Dalton, GA

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....and while you're here, check out our huge selection of carpet, tile, stone, marble, glass mosaic, hardwoods, and laminates. 

We are standing by for you!